Pizza Quattro Stagioni
May 23, 2009
[Elaine] in Pizza Quattro Stagioni

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that every Tuesday night in our household is pizza night.  I love that because I never have to think about what to make that night.  I just get the dough going sometime in the afternoon.  I let it proof and then I punch it down, break it up into individual dough balls and then let those rise.  We all fix our own personal size pizza.  I usually fix a vegetarian pizza and if I have some good quality anchovies, I will pop those on, too.  But sometimes I want a little variety and that is the time to make a "Pizza Quattro Stagioni".  This means "four seasons" in Italian and you simply divide the pizza up into four sections. It's traditionally made with artichokes, mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham and olives, but you can play around with it and make it with any combination you like.  

Sometimes, as a food blogger, companies send you samples of their products for you to sample.  Ditalia  sent me this sample of their Mediterranean olives and I chopped these up and added them to the pizza.  If you love all kinds of Italian food you should check out their web site - it's so well done and has so many interesting items and links.   

For the whole explanation of how to make pizza dough, you can go to this post I wrote about how to make homemade pizza.   I talk about using Italian 00 flour in that post, but you can just use regular flour, of course.  I usually make a whole wheat dough for my pizza while my family prefers white flour.  You can also make a dough with half whole wheat flour and half white flour.  Just experiment until you find a dough you like.  You can be so creative with pizza.

UPDATE:  For a discussion of which kinds of flours to use when making homemade pizzas, see this post.

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