Introducing ZipList
October 3, 2011


How do you keep your grocery list?  On a sticky note?  That's what I used to do and let's just say it didn't work that well.  For a long time now, I've been using an online grocery store list that I absolutely love called ZipList. It's made keeping track of my grocery list so much easier.  And now I'm partnering with them so that you can easily add ingredients to your shopping lists from this site and others for your favorite recipes.  

When you set up a free account on ZipList, take a few minutes to see all the features they offer. ZipList will place your shopping items in the correct category - dairy, produce, bakery, etc. for easier shopping.  We all find it annoying to finish grocery shopping and realize we forgot to get an item at the back of the store. With ZipList, I set up my list so that I can click whichever grocery store I will be shopping at and it will reorder my list in the order that I go down the aisles at that particular store!  Are your family members always asking you to be sure to get something for them when you go to the grocery store?  Now they can access the family grocery list online and add whatever they like.  You can print out the list, of course, but if you have a smart phone, you can access your grocery list anywhere.  How many times have we been running errands and decided to run into the grocery store without our grocery list?  With my phone, I have my grocery list eveywhere I go. And it syncs up across all my devices - my iPad, my laptop and my phone. ZipList even remembers the items you frequently shop for and asks if you need to add them to your list!  Check out the ZipList site and see all the features they have - you can set up your account to reflect the way you shop. They even offer coupons on their site.


Maybe you have noticed a blue "Save Recipe" button on each recipe post now. You can easily save your favorite recipes from The Italian Dish to an online recipe box, then add the ingredients you need to your weekly shopping list. When you click the Save Recipe button you'll have the option to add the recipe to your recipe box or to your shopping list. ZipList has partnered also with,,, so you can save recipes from any of these websites, including mine, and they all get saved in one place.

If you want to access your online recipe box or shopping list from my website, just click the Recipe Box in the Navigation Bar at the top of my site. You can also access your recipe box and shopping list from any partner website, as well as from and use free mobile apps from ZipList, so you have what you need to plan meals and grocery shop. 

I love using ZipList and I hope you will, too.  Let me know how you like this feature and if you have any questions.

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