Salad in Jars
August 13, 2013

I'm tired of putting out a great big salad bowl for dinners, having everyone get their salads and then seeing that all the goodies in the salad have fallen to the bottom of the bowl and very little actually made it into people's salads.  A lot of those goodies sometimes are expensive, too - pine nuts or pancetta.  Sometimes the diced veggies like bell pepper will fall to the bottom.  Drives me crazy. Solution?  Salad in jars!

Salad in jars is not a new idea, but it solves my salad serving problem in a great way. I take individual pint sized, wide mouth canning jars and layer the individual salads.  Dressing and seasoning goes on the bottom, more sturdier components like chopped bell pepper or carrots go in next, and then the greens go on top. Everyone gets a jar, turns it over into their serving bowl and a perfect salad comes out with the perfect amount of salad ingredients.  Use a nice large bowl and toss the salad lightly.  

the perfect salad serving


There are a lot of advantages to using these jars for individual salads:

my favorite - vinaigrette, cannellini beans, shaved parm, red onion, arugula 


The combinations are endless.  You can add cooked chicken, pasta, chickpeas - anything you want.  The salads stay fresh in the fridge for several days.  The pint sized jars make a perfect lunch salad or side salad.  If you want more of a meal, you can use the regular quart size jars and add more ingredients.  



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