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Grilled Marinated Steak with Salsa Verde Sauce

Are you still buying steaks and just throwing them on the grill?  Well, it's time to take your steaks to the next level and marinate them.  You won't believe the difference.   I get asked a lot what I marinate my steaks in and I'm going to share it with you.

I'm also going to introduce you to a sauce that's used in Italian cooking called salsa verde.  It's not like the spicy Mexican version, but is an herb based sharp sauce that is the traditional accompaniment for bollito misto - the Piedmontese dish of boiled meats. I like it very much over grilled steak.  It is a raw sauce made with fresh parsley and is simple to whirl up in your food processor.  When we had dinner at Perbacco in San Francisco, they brought out breadsticks with salsa verde for dipping and their version was out of this world. 

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